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  • As captain on a blue water cruising boat, I've made numerous ocean crossings. While I rarely get violently ill, I do feel the effects of seasickness for at least the first three days of an ocean crossing. Sailors' Secret eases my acclimatization to the ocean environment, so that I can carry out my responsibilities without feeling sick, and without drowsiness or other side effects that could affect my judgment.
    Tor Johnson, product testimonial by a captain, 4 June 2005
  • I always carry a small box of Sailors’ Secret with me, whether it’s in my purse, car, gym bag or hand luggage. It’s very effective against the annoying symptoms of motion sickness, and not just on a boat (although, Sailors’ Secret was my salvation on a wild trip across the Drake Passage to Antarctica!). I like the fact that it is an all-natural product without any of the “fuzzy” side effects that come along with most prescription medications.
    Ellen Galvin, product testimonial by a pilot, 12 May 2007
  • I am terribly prone to seasickness, and I was really happy to discover Sailors' Secret. Now I can enjoy by day sails without major drowsiness that I experience with drugs like Dramamine and Bonine!
    Kyoko Nakayama, product testimonial by a sailor, 20 November 2009